If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


“I love coming into the office. All of the ladies are super nice and Dr. Weiss is too! Plus, he's funny! I recommend them to EVERYONE!”
— Stephanie Marie Greulich

“I was concerned about having orthodontic treatment at my age, but once I decided on Invisalign, I never regretted my decision once. They couldn’t have been easier and I only had to come into the office a few times (which made working office visits into my schedule much easier). What a great experience!”
— Heath Potter

“From the first time I came to see Dr. Weiss, I loved it! There were times that I was already through with my appointment before I even knew it because I had been enjoying myself so much! That's MY kind of doctor’s appointment!”
— Amber Fletcher

“I found out that I needed orthodontic treatment just before my senior year of High School. Naturally, I panicked! No need, though, because I started treatment with Invisalign and most of my friends hardly even knew I was doing it! Now I'm in college and wearing the Vivera retainers, and I get new ones every three months! I still stop by the office when I’m home from school, though, just to say hi!”
— Matthew Hunt

“Everybody is so friendly! The staff always have such a good time and make every appointment fun!”
— Jan Barrett

“I was kind of afraid when I first came to get my braces but the ladies were all so friendly and nice, and they showed me around and explained everything that would happen. They promised me that I would leave smiling and I DID!! Now, I start thinking about what colors I'm going to pick days before my next appointment!! I LOVE Dr. Weiss!”
— Ann Simpson

“I admit that I did a little ‘shopping around’ prior to coming here, but Dr. Weiss took the time to explain what my problem was and gave me more than one option of how it could be corrected. He even worked with me to make sure it didn’t hurt my wallet either! After that, my decision to come here was an easy one!”
— Dave P. Raymond